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Take Attendance 32% Faster

We’ve just finished a major performance overhaul of the software, shaving a full second off of the load time of all pages and boosting the performance of Best Attendance by 32%. We completed two rounds of optimizations. The following chart shows the load time in seconds of various pages before optimizations and after each round […]

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Send Group Text Messages Online

Sometimes you need to get a message out quickly to everyone in your organization, and email doesn’t work because it’s too slow. They need the message NOW. Perhaps your meeting location has changed, or there has been some other change in plans. From the start, I knew that text messaging would be an essential feature […]

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Minnesota Girls Basketball Coaches Association Conference

I had the privilege of attending the Minnesota Girl’s Basketball Coaches Association conference last weekend. I have to say, this conference really opened my eyes to a whole world that I didn’t even know existed, and I actually learned a few things. I’ve always wondered what coaches talk about during timeouts, and they had a […]

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