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Recruiting: Tracking Goals and Accountability

This is number five of a series of eight messages covering proven ideas and techniques that, when put into practice, will help grow and strengthen any type of organization. The topics covered thus far have been:   Membership Retention Recruiting Members Recruiting Volunteers How To Keep New Members Coming Back   Hopefully you’ve picked up […]

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How to Keep New Members Coming Back

This is your fourth installment of what we hope you are finding to be a valuable free course. It has been proven that if you put into practice what we have discussed thus far, it will have a major impact on the ongoing success of your organization. We have covered; membership retention, recruiting members, and […]

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Recruiting Volunteers in Three Easy Steps

Although members of an organization and volunteers are distinctly different, recruiting volunteers is somewhat similar to recruiting members. Therefore you will want to incorporate some of the same ideas that you would use in recruiting members. However, since volunteers are often not prospects to become members, the focus is usually entirely different.   When recruiting […]

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Three Keys to Keeping Members Engaged

It seems that recruiting is often the hot topic, for the obvious reason—everyone wants more members. But the real key to having a successful organization (whatever it may be), is in membership retention. When you know what you’re doing, recruiting new members is easy. However, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’ll never be […]

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Recruiting Volunteers: Three Vital Ingredients

Recruiting members is the lifeblood of any organization—regardless of the type organization it is. It could be a church, a football team, a civic club, or a youth group; just to name a few. With every one of these, as well as any others you may come up with, if you aren’t constantly recruiting new […]

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