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Starting a Mentorship Program

When someone joins an organization, it’s not about them. After all, they aren’t being paid anything, or deriving any other tangible benefits, so it’s primarily about the organization itself. And since everyone values time, new members want to feel that they’ve made a good decision, because it will certainly take up some of their valuable […]

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Benefits of Communication

We have discussed the need that members have of wanting to feel like they belong, and that they are making a contribution. And there is no better way of enhancing those feelings, and confirming their worth to your organization, than regular communication, especially when handled through group text (because most are read immediately).   This […]

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Why Your Attendance Policy Matters

Since organizations typically don’t pay members anything, at least not monetarily, you walk a fine line when it comes to making demands of any kind, particularly regarding attendance. However, if you don’t have some type of attendance policy in place, your members are less likely to attend on a regular basis, especially if the meetings […]

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