Adding Members to Your Attendance List

Best Attendance automatically adds members to the attendance list for each event, but it does follow some rules when doing so. If you’re not seeing members that you expect to see on your attendance list, here are a few things you might want to check:

  • Make sure that the status of all members in both groups is ACTIVE (on the Member Profile, click “Change Login Permissions and Passwords”, set the status to “Active”, and click Save.
  • Make sure that the people in each group are MEMBERS, not GUESTS. If someone is a guest, you’ll see a blue button that says “Promote To Member” on the right side of their member profile. Members are automatically added to the Take Attendance page; guests are not.
  • Make sure that each group has the members that you think it has. On the Membership Roster, click the blue link for which group is being displayed, and check both groups.
  • Make sure that you have not already recorded attendance for the event. If the event is green on the calendar, Best Attendance thinks attendance has already been recorded. In that case, the system will only display the members who already have an attendance mark for the event, regardless of which groups are required.

Also – you can still add members to an attendance list by entering their name at the top of the screen. If the member whose name you type in is not already on the attendance list, Best Attendance will add it.

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