Attendance tracking at youth group activities can be time consuming, and so, is often neglected. What many leaders and youth pastors don’t realize is that this simple “routine task” can have such a huge impact on their ministry’s membership growth (and or the lack thereof).

Often, young people simply fall through the cracks without anyone noticing–telltale signs such as absenteeism and tardiness are left unchecked, thus leaving a lot of teens (or college kids) feeling “uncared for” or worst, unnoticed. This need not be the case.


Best Attendance is an attendance management system especially built for youth group and churches. With this online tool, membership management for any organization or group size is a breeze–now, you can easily take attendance at special events, keep track of absences and tardiness, reward perfect attendance records, communicate upcoming events, share activity calendars, and more. You never have to leave anyone unnoticed or unnotified of group events and activities again. And the best thing yet–you can create custom reports which will allow you to quickly identify each member who may be at risk of falling through the cracks anytime soon…and take action to prevent it.

Here are our insider tips to help you take full advantage of the Best Attendance 45-Day Free Trial:

Delegate routine attendance taking to your trusted staff and never miss a report about an absentee member anymore. You can create staff accounts as either group leaders or account administrators–each with varying levels of access editing capability.

Create custom attendance reports to quickly identify and gain insights about your membership attendance patterns or trends by group or silo. Custom reports can help you easily check the last date or event a member has attended, a summary of how well an event (in a month or so) was attended or otherwise, who has the best or worst attendance, who keeps calling in sick, who attends specific events but not another, and much more. These important data can help you improve future programs and events.

Promptly notify parents or guardians if their kid’s missed an event or activity. Maintain a strong sense of accountability and responsibility for the kids in your youth groups by keeping track of each kid’s actual participation (or the lack thereof) in your activities and events. When parents drop off their kids at church(or at your event), they are fully entrusting their kids’ safety in your hands. Some kids may promptly check in their attendance at an event and sneak out of it later unnoticed. But you can easily manage such incidents by taking your group’s attendance again at the end of each activity.

Easily identify kids or group members with the best attendance records and create a reward program around it. Reward good kids with the best attendance records and help encourage others to follow suit. Leader and peer recognition helps keep kids engaged and involved–use it wisely!

Protect the privacy of your youth group roster’s data by controlling who can see your information. Keep all your data safe and secure from malicious prying eyes. Best Attendance ensures that your data is transmitted over a secure SSL connection with 256 bit encryption. Only your authorized users (staff members) can view your data.

So, ramp up your kids’ or young people’s youth ministry engagement and active involvement in every event and activity by simply keeping track of and preventing anyone from falling through the cracks, or worst, dropping out of church altogether.

So, keep it all together, show each kid “you actually care”, and avoid potential dropouts from your youth group by simply taking care of your routine attendance tracking conveniently–start tracking your group’s attendance on the go today!

Take full advantage of the Best Attendance 45-Day Free Trial now.

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