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Boy Scout Management Software: Troop Organization Made Easy!

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Organizing boy scout troops can be challenging with all the distractions young people have to face these days–causing some to lose interest and fall out of the program altogether. Sports, school activities, lack of commitment from parents, scouting activities becoming “stale” and “uninteresting” … all these add up to the difficulty of even “reaching kids” in the first place; and  much more, organizing them into a coordinated unit or troop.

Troop youth leaders struggle to find or make time enough to keep the interest high among their scout members. They are expected to plan activities, conduct troop meetings, and provide leadership among their peers–to create the desire for them to stick around. And all this takes so much time and effort by the way it’s been “traditionally” done.

Well, here’s great news: troop organization is a cinch with this scout management software–an intuitively designed, quick to learn, and easy-to-use online tool. For troop leaders, this actually means “managing-on-the-go”–you can use it whenever, and wherever you are!

Here are some insider tips on how to take full advantage of this membership management tool:

  • Bring in new scouts by creating a rewards program for your top recruiters. Nothing else can motivate scouts better than earning badges and peer recognition–it is the magic of boy scouting itself! Best Attendance helps you organize and execute recruitment drives, easily track new members, and reward top recruiters based on statistical reports.
  • Send out weekly email and text blasts to keep scouts in the loop. Never let your troops miss out on any event anymore! Get your scouts excited and engaged by keeping everyone in the loop–especially for excitable young scouts, nothing beats the thrill of receiving a personal email or text message from a revered troop leader.
  • Follow up with scouts and parents who missed a meeting. Take the guesswork out of your scout attendance management. Best Attendance helps you easily spot members from each troop who missed a meeting and send a follow up message to each one of them with one email blast.
  • Award a “Best Attendance” trophy at your annual awards ceremony. Generate custom attendance reports and easily spot each scout’s or troop’s attendance stats with the attendance record summary dashboard.
  • Use event types to track scouts’ completion of training programs. Never miss an opportunity to train and upgrade your scouts’ skills levels by enrolling them in customized events or trainings. You can then build their anticipation for the “next level” of involvement.
  • Share your troop’s event calendar with parents. Gain more parental commitment to your program by keeping your scouts’ parents informed of upcoming scheduled events and activities, and earn their continual support.


Managing several troops at a time need not be a wearisome responsibility. With young people today being more “wired” and “interconnected”,  boy scout organizers can and should keep up by taking this time-tested youth leadership program on-the-go, or risk being pushed aside.

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