Attendance Time Sheet

Use this form to keep a detailed time tracking records for each member. Includes fields for start time, end time, duration, and description.

Download (PDF)

Attendance Time Sheet

Daily Attendance Sign-In Sheet

This form tracks which members and guests have signed in to a particular meeting or event.

Download (PDF)

Daily Attendance Sign-In Sheet

Guest Attendance Sheet

A sign-in sheet for guests, including a place for them to write their email address, phone number, and mailing address.

Download (PDF)

Guest Attendance Sheet

Weekly Attendance Sheet

Keep class attendance for an entire week.

Download (PDF)

Weekly Attendance Sheet

Going Beyond Attendance Sheet Templates

From all of us at Best Attendance, we hope you enjoy and make great use of these attendance sheet templates, but we know that keeping up with memberships doesn’t stop with templates.

Our print-ready sign-in sheets are great for establishing a positive, organized sign-in regimen to start getting into the habit of legitimizing attendance for your meetings, events, sports games, volunteer activities, and everything else you may have members for. But when you’re ready to truly optimize your leagues, meetings, and organizations on an event or meeting basis, our Best Attendance software is the simple, efficient solution you can even try for free.

Best Attendance: More than Attendance Templates

Once you have attendance templates, you may be wondering why you would need more software to keep up with attendance. While paper sign-in sheets are essential starting tools, consider what they still can’t provide:

  1. Remote online access to membership databases
  2. Instant attendance data aggregation
  3. Complete contact information and profiles of all members in one place
  4. Instant group separation
  5. Instant mass communication
  6. Automated sign-ins and event management
  7. All the benefits of full automation and digital formatting
Easy Attendance Software

How Best Attendance Improves Sign-Ins

With physical sign-in sheets, you’re limited to a single document that attendees can only sign physically, and then you’re left to store (or, quite often, lose) the data yourself. Here’s how Best Attendance remedies that.

Scan Barcodes

If your members have their own passes, IDs, or cards, you can assign bar codes for fast, simple sign-ins.

Sign In On-Site

Using a single device or computer, conserve paper waste and time with an easy-to-use digital sign-in form you can store, analyze, and refer to later. Never lose records again!

Online Attendance

Take online attendance from anywhere to include remote attendees in long-distance conference calls/meetings. Or, allow approved members to access records anywhere.

Print More Forms

Still prefer paper attendance templates? Print more of them anytime, anywhere!

See the online tour for more on Best Attendance’s sign-in options, or try it free by signing up here!


Optimize Your Business or Organization with Legitimized Attendance Tracking

Taking attendance means more than just tracking who shows up; it’s about monitoring member activity to optimize the way your organization functions.

Through Best Attendance, you have the tools to easily track and distribute everything from attendance percentage to punctuality to member tendencies. You can even track your recruiting efforts if your business or organization thrives on increasing membership so you can assess which methods are most successful and track the progression of membership.

Multiple Access Levels

Not only can you try Best Attendance free for 45 days to see just how much it can help your business or organization, but you can choose from any of five membership levels if you decide Best Attendance is indispensible for managing your organization or business.

We don’t try to offer an expensive, expansive package that provides more than our clients need. We understand that from local youth groups to state sports leagues to national non-profits to global businesses, every need is different. Just choose the price and plan to meet your budget and needs, and then change it if you find it’s more or less than you need.

See our complete pricing plans for more specific details.

Check In Software

Improving Your Cause Today … for Free!

Whether your cause is community-based, charity work, or for personal profit, Best Attendance is the solution for not just monitoring attendance, but assessing participation and recruitment success.

Feel free to continue to use our exclusive attendance sheet templates for whatever your needs are. But if your cause could benefit from:

  1. Digital attendance records,
  2. Full automation of meetings and events,
  3. Complete attendee profiles,
  4. Mass communication between staff members and attendees,
  5. Online records and sign-ins,
  6. Aggregated attendance data and tracking,
  7. And much, much more …
Try Best Attendance free for 45 days to see the complete set of features and find for yourself what a difference our software can make.