Best Attendance

Barcode Attendance Integration Guide

This page answers a few frequently asked questions regarding how to use barcode scanners with Best Attendance. Please also take a look at our complete Online Event Sign-In Guide.

Barcode Scanning Quick Start Guide

  1. Start your free 45 day trial of Best Attendance.
  2. Purchase one of the recommended barcode scanners from
  3. If you need to create ID cards for your members, we recommend the Wasp barcode printing software for this purpose.
  4. In Best Attendance, click the “Barcodes” tab on the Membership Roster.
  5. Press the “Click to Add” button next to a member’s name.
  6. Scan the member’s barcode.

And that’s it!  Best Attendance has now assciated that barcode with the member.  On the Take Attendance page, you’ll be able to scan the barcode to sign the member in and out.

How do people sign in and out with barcodes?

You can set up as many computers as you’d like and take attendance on all of them at the same time.  Members scan once to sign in and again to sign out.  To keep this secure, the software can be put into Self Sign In mode, which locks out all functions except signing in and out.

My organization already has ID cards with barcodes printed on them.  Will they work with Best Attendance?

Yes, the software will work with any barcode format.

What hardware do I need?

Most barcode scanners plug into your computer’s USB port and automatically convert the barcode into numbers.  From the software’s perspective, it’s just like if someone were entering numbers on the keyboard.  We recommend any of the scanners on our Optional Hardware page.

How should I configure my barcode scanner?

You must configure your barcode scanner to send a carriage return + line feed after scanning the barcode. Some barcode scanners will automatically do this out of the box; others need to be configured. Please refer to your barcode scanner’s documentation for instructions.

Which barcode scanner should I use?

Computer technology changes frequently. Please see our Optional Hardware page for our most recent recommendation.

My Favorites window keeps popping up when I enter a barcode.  How can I fix that?

Most barcode scanners simulate pressing the Enter key after a barcode is scanned.  This is so that the form on the computer is automatically submitted and saved.  However, some scanners simulate different keystrokes, such as Ctrl+D.  If this is the case, your browser will open your Favorites tab, just as it would if you pressed Ctrl+D on your keyboard.

It may be possible to configure your scanner to send different pre- or post- characters, but this will depend on the type of scanner that you have.

How can I generate barcodes for my members?

Currently, Best Attendance does not generate the barcodes for you; you must supply them.  If your members already have ID cards with barcodes on them, you may use those.  Otherwise, we recommend using commercial card printing software or services, which can be found on our Optional Hardware page.

How can I scan barcodes with a smartphone or tablet?

It’s easier than you think. Check out our blog post on the topic.

Does Best Attendance support RFID scanners?

RFID scanners require software that is specific to the computer it is being run on.  Since our vision is to keep Best Attendance web based, we are not able to offer RFID scanning services.

Can I take attendance without barcode scanners?

Yes!  Scanning barcodes is just one way to take attendance with the system.  Here are some others:

  • Print sign-in forms for your meetings and enter the attendance later.
  • Set up a computer at your meeting location and let members sign themselves in.
  • Allow adult group leaders to sign in and take attendance online.