Benefits of Communication

We have discussed the need that members have of wanting to feel like they belong, and that they are making a contribution. And there is no better way of enhancing those feelings, and confirming their worth to your organization, than regular communication, especially when handled through group text (because most are read immediately).


This is an area that is so important and simple to deal with, yet most organizations fail to follow through, particularly on any kind of regular basis, which is a must. It’s analogous to communicating with your wife or children, someone you’re dating, or even a close friend. The feelings of belonging in the relationship, and that they are valued, greatly diminish—if you’re not communicating with them on a regular basis.


There are several ways to handle regular communications, and Best Attendance has all the tools necessary for making these tasks quick and easy; emails, weekly calls, newsletters, birthday cards, and group text. Following is a list of a few ideas for staying in touch with members, and you’ll discover other ways as you proceed to use the Best Attendance tools.


  • Send a group email to those who didn’t make it to your last meeting, letting them know what was covered, and that their attendance was missed.
  • Send out a text message to all your members the day before a special event, or your next meeting, reminding them of what the event or meeting is going to be about, and encouraging them to attend, if at all possible.
  • Through the use of a Best Attendance tracking report, you can instantly see who has been missing meetings, making it simple to make calls to them and personally tell them that they have been missed and encourage them to come to the next meeting.
  • Birthday reminders show up, which helps you send cards out timely.
  • Send an email or group text to volunteers, thanking them for their help.
  • And whether you want to send a monthly newsletter by email or snail mail, Best Attendance can help you with that also.


Utilizing these types of communications on a regular basis will definitely impact your attendance, which in turn has an effect on recruiting new members (no one wants to belong to an organization that is dead, no attendance), and goes a long way towards making sure that those who join stay with you.


Making a practice of implementing these simple—but proven—ideas discussed in this eight part series will make a difference in the growth and stability of your organization. In fact, the synergistic effect can be dramatic over time.


Take advantage of Best Attendance’s exclusive 45-day free trial offer, and you will see firsthand how they can simplify your organization’s recruiting and retention efforts.

Recruiting Volunteers

This post is part of our series: The Ultimate Online Guide to Recruiting Volunteers.

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