Best Attendance Moves Online

I’m proud to announce that Best Attendance has moved online well ahead of schedule!  For over six years, youth ministries have been relying on the desktop version of Best Attendance to run their youth ministries.

The software was designed to be a simple way to track attendance.  Nothing more.  What makes it stand out from competitors in the youth ministry software market is its ease of use and simplicity.  It’s not a full featured accounting software for your congregation; it’s not a social network for your church; it doesn’t track every last detail of your members.  Instead, it gets out of the way and lets you do your job.  The pricing is very competitive because I focus only on the features that you need most.

It’s simple.  Schedule events.  Share your calendar.  Record attendance.  Update your membership roster.  View reports.  Email your members.  It’s very easy to use.

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Take Attendance Online

Best Attendance is the easiest way for organizations to share event calendars, take attendance, update membership rosters, and communicate online. Try it free for 45 days.

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