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Take Attendance with your iPad

I’ve received many questions from organizations that would like to use their iPads to take attendance.  To me, this makes perfect sense: You can take your iPad anywhere, so taking attendance at offsite events is easy. More than one person in your organization can have an iPad, giving each person access to your membership and […]

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We’re Number One!

Good news! We just hit the top spot in Google on searches for youth attendance software! You can help us rank for even more keywords by liking us on Facebook or linking to us from your website.  If you’re using Best Attendance and like it, help introduce it to other organizations.

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Visualizing Attendance Data, Part 3

We have trend lines! Is participation at your meetings going up or down?  There’s a chart for that! The chart shows how many members were absent, present, and excused at each event.  The utility of this information should be obvious.  What’s really useful, though, is the fact that you can filter this report by date, […]

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Visualizing Attendance Data, Part 2

In the last post, I listed a few different ways that attendance data can be analyzed and interpreted, and what that information can tell you about your organization. Perhaps one of the most important things to find out is who hasn’t shown up in a while.  The Last Seen report lists all of your members, […]

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Visualizing Attendance Data, Part 1

You’re probably using Best Attendance because you want to keep track of attendance at your youth ministry, boy scout troop, fitness studio, community theater, or other organization.  That’s wonderful.  But what exactly does that mean? Presumably it means that you’d like to know how often Little Johnny has been coming to meetings.  Great!  Best Attendance […]

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