Create Recurring Events

You spoke, and we listened!  Best Attendance now includes the ability to add recurring events to your organization’s calendar.  Whenever you click a date from the calendar, you’ll now have the option to set the frequency to either “one time” or “recurring”.  When you select “recurring”, you’re taken to a new page that lets you set the recurring interval options.

You may choose to create events that occur on periodic weekly schedules or periodic monthly schedules, as seen here:

Monthly Recurring Events


Weekly Recurring Events


Although this feature is incredibly easy to use, it is quite a technically complex behind the scenes.  There are lots of strange situations that can come up with recurring events, and I think we’ve handled each of them gracefully.  For example:

  • If you’re updating the details of an event within a series, you are given the option to either update the entire series or just that event.
  • You may either delete individual events within the series, or delete the entire series.
  • If you have recorded attendance for an event in the series, and then choose to delete the series, you will not lose the attendance data that you already recorded.
  • There are several different ways that events can repeat.  For now, we’ve implemented periodic weekly and monthly repeating series, but our architecture allows us to easily add other types of recurring intervals in the future.  For example, organizations may want an event to repeat on a set number of days, or every third leap year, or every blue moon, or whatever.  We can easily add different types of recurring intervals into the system later if they are requested by customers.

We think you’ll enjoy this feature.  As always, please contact us if you have any suggestions on how Best Attendance can be improved.

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