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Email seems like magic. You write a note, press send, and your friend gets your message instantly. But out in the wild, there are all kinds of challenges that your email needs to overcome in order to reach its destination. Email has become the Wild, Wild West of the internet:

73% of all emails sent are spam.

Most people don’t notice this because their email providers have developed sophisticated technique for filtering out the spam. These techniques include:

  • Analyzing file attachments
  • Scanning the text and subject for spammy key words
  • Counting the number of spam reports for a certain domain
  • Analyzing the credibility of the domain sending an email.

Wild West

Emails which are sent from domains that have been in business for a while and which do not receive many spam reports are more likely to reach your inbox than domains which are new and have no established history.

Because your members need to stay informed, we take email deliverability very seriously and are very aggressive about protecting the reputation of our domain. At the time of this writing, the reputation of our email list, according to our email provider, is 99.37%. This is because we have low bounce rates, very few spam complaints, a low number of invalid emails sent out, and a consistent mailing volume.

Despite this, we can not guarantee that every one of your emails will be delivered. Two of the most common problems are that your member’s email addresses are spelled wrong or that they have changed.

Assuming you’ve entered the correct email address into Best Attendance, there are many variables that affect whether or not a certain member will get your message. Some email providers are much more aggressive about filtering their email addresses than others, so just because one member on your list gets your email, there’s no guarantee that everyone will.

Also, some corporations utilize firewalls to block email addresses, either by whitelisting or blacklisting domains. These corporate firewalls may also be responsible for blocking emails.

The good news is that despite these obstacles, our email delivery remains excellent. In the past month, only 0.55% of sent emails have bounced, only 0.45% have unsubscribed, and out of thousands of emails sent, none – none! – have been flagged as spam.

Note that some of the emails that are sent from our system do bounce. We can’t track down the reason for these bounces on a case-by-case basis, but hopefully this article provides some understanding of why perfectly legitimate emails do get bounced sometimes. If someone is not getting your emails, they were likely in the unlukcy 0.55% of bounces.

If one of your members is not receiving your emails, here are some steps you can take to correct the problem:

  • Make sure the email address is spelled correctly.
  • Make sure the member has not changed his or her email address.
  • Have the member check their spam folder and mark the message as “Not Spam” so that they will receive future emails.
  • Make sure the member has not ever clicked the “unsubscribe” button on previous emails. If they have and would like to be added to the list again, please contact us, and we’ll update the system.
  • Have the member check with their corporate IT department or email provider to see if their emails are being filtered.
  • The member may be using a provider that is overly aggressive in email filtering, and switching to a different email provider may solve the problem.


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