Fun Activities

What role do “fun activities” play in retaining students in youth organizations? There are two schools of thought here. Either fun activities make students want to keep coming back, or they are a distraction which take away from the main mission of the organization. Which is right?

Should a church youth group’s activities be limited only to spiritual endeavors, such as discussions, study nights, and conferences? Or should other fun activities, like lock-ins, sports tournaments, and costume parties be part of the mix?

Does “the rest of the world” provide enough fun activities for students? Or is part of the mission of a youth organization to provide them?

I don’t have the definitive answer. In my experience as a youth leader, I’ve found that fun activities not associated with the main mission of the organization do in fact instill excitement in students, make students want to come back, and even helps them spread the word to their friends about how awesome the group is. But it’s possible to go overboard.

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Fun Activities


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