Import Facebook Images

Another feature that’s been a long time coming has just been released! It’s now easy to import member photos directly from their Facebook profiles.

Member Profile Facebook Image

You’ll be able to see members’ photos by hovering over their names on the Membership Roster page as well.

Membership Roster

We also made some recent enhancements when you take attendance with barcodes. It used to be that members could sign in with the barcode scanner, but they would still have to use the mouse to log out. The way the system works now is different, and we think better.

The first time a member scans a barcode, the member is signed in. The second time, the member is signed out. If the second time was an accident or the member signed out too early, they can just scan their barcodes again to be re-signed in. Of course, the system still tracks the exact sign in and sign out times for each member.

Another exciting announcement is that we’ll be bringing on some additional development talent this summer, and we have a big list of new features that we can’t wait to roll out. Stay tuned!

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