It’s About Time!

Here’s a novel thought: what if you could search for members by typing in their names?

Search Members


Well, now you can!

We also greatly improved the experience of taking attendance at a meeting.  It used to be that members would have to click the “Save Attendance” button at the bottom of the page every time they signed in.  This was problematic for three reasons:

  1. Some organizations have long member lists, and the button was not visible until you scolled all the way to the bottom of the page.
  2. If an organization was using two computers at different locations to take attendance for the same event at the same time, one person’s updates would overwrite the others.
  3. It’s slow.
So you don’t have to click “Save Attendance” anymore; attendance is automatically saved as you go.  The system will show you a pretty green checkmark so you can be sure that each member has signed in successfully.
We have many more planned improvements on the way – stay tuned!

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