New Custom Reporting Puts You In Control

Another feature that has been highly requested and greatly anticipated has just been released! Best Attendance now allows you to customize your view of the Membership Roster to include any field that you’d like.

Custom Fields

By creating custom fields, Best Attendance lets you decide what information you need to track for each member. And by taking advantage of the custom reporting feature, you can create complex reports that help you make decisions.

Custom Reporting

How are organizations using custom field reporting?

Here are just a few examples of how leaders are using custom reporting to help them run their organizations:

Teachers can create reports showing them which of their students require medication throughout the day.

Volunteer coordinators can create demographic reports in order to determine the ethnic makeup of their organizations.

Activity organizers can see who has paid for activities that they have signed up for and who has not.

Small group leaders can see why some of their members were absent at the last meeting.

Flexibility From The Start

Flexibility has been a design goal for Best Attendance from the start. Not all organizations need to track the same types of information, which is why we let you decide what you want to track and what you want to see.

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