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Best Attendance will work as-is on a variety of platforms with no modifications:


  • Laptop and desktop computers (Mac, PC, and Linux)
  • iPads and iPhones
  • Smartphones with large full-screen browsers
  • Touch screen kiosks
  • Bar code scanners (optional)
  • Magnetic card readers (optional)
  • Any other device with a  web browser and internet connection

Most organizations use Best Attendance on laptop and desktop computers and do not require any additional hardware.  However, some organizations have the need for a more elaborate setup.  For example:

  • A school would like students to sign in and out of each classroom.
  • A Boy Scout troop takes camping trips and can only take attendance on a smart phone.
  • Security-conscious organizations would like to lock down touch screen kiosks so parents can sign in their students.
  • A community theater does not have an internet cable running to the green room, but the Stage Manager does have a 4G connected iPad.

Please take a look at our Online Event Sign-In Guide for full details on all of our sign-in options.

Take Attendance on Smartphones and Tablets with our New Mobile App

Our new mobile app lets you take Best Attendance with you anywhere. Read More >>


Best Attendance can be used with mobile devices, touch screen kiosks, bar code scanners, and magnetic card readers.  All of this hardware is optional, but does add a bit of convenience to taking attendance.

We recommend the following hardware:


Barcode Scanner for Smart Phones, Tablets, and PCs

For scanning barcodes with a smartphone or tablet, nothing beats the TMCT-10 Scanner from Teemi. See our blog post for a complete review.

Magnetic Card Reader

If your ID cards have magnetic stripes instead of barcodes, this product is compatible with Best Attendance. When choosing a magnetic card reader for use with Best Attendance, make sure that it is a Keyboard Emulation type reader.