Best Attendance (hereafter, Subscription Provider) gathers personal information such as your name, address, phone number, and email address when you subscribe to the service, add users to the service, or voluntarily provide any such information to the Best Attendance website.  The Subscription Provider does not sell or share any personal information that you submit except as provided below.

The Subscription Provider collects aggregate data that is not personally identifiable based on how you browse the Best Attendance website.  This information may contain your IP address and may be used by the Subscription Provider for marketing purposes.

The Subscription Provider may occasionally send you email that pertains to your use of the Best Attendance service.  The Subscription Provider does not share or sell your email address except as provided in the Privacy Policy paragraph above.

Subscription Provider Use of Submitted Information

The Subscription Provider may view information that you submit to the system for the purposes of troubleshooting and improving the service.  The Subscription Provider does NOT have the ability to view: your password, your credit card information, or any emails that you send through the Best Attendance service.

Third Party Use of Submitted Information

The Best Attendance service contracts through other services to enable certain features of the service.  Personally identifiable information such as your name, address, phone number, and credit card information may be submitted to Chargify, a service which handles all subscription management and payment processing.  Credit card details are viewable only by the Chargify service and not by the Subscription Provider.  Any information you submit when sending emails to members of your organization through the Best Attendance service is not viewable by the Subscription Provider but is sent through Sendgrid, a service that the Subscription Provider contracts with to deliver emails.  The information sent includes the names and email addresses of all members to whom you are sending an email, as well as your own. Any information you submit when sending text messages to members of your organization through the Best Attendance service is viewable both by the Subscription Provider and Twilio, a service that the Subscription Provider contracts with to deliver text messages.

How Your Personal Information Is Shared Within Your Organization

Each user within an organization has different permissions based on roles given to that user.  These roles impact what personal information each user can see.  Note that various information you enter into Best Attendance, including personal contact information, will be available to appropriately permissioned users of your organization.  Only users that you expressly authorize through the service to view these data have access to them.  It is your responsibility to establish rules on who has access to what personal information within your organization.

Administrator users within your organization may optionally make some data in Best Attendance available to the general public through the internet so that anyone can view such content.  This content includes, but is not limited to: event dates, event times, event locations, event descriptions, and who is required to attend events.  It is your sole responsibility to ensure that such information can reasonably be made public before making it accessible.  The Subscription Provider assumes no liability for making such information marked as public available to the public.  It is possible to hide this information so that only appropriately permissioned users may view it through the Best Attendance service.  It is unlawful for you to seek, collect, view, distribute, or make viewable online any personal information for individuals 13 years of age or younger without prior written consent from the child’s parents.

The Subscription Provider is  not responsible for how other members of your organization use personal information that they have access to via the Best Attendance service, nor is it responsible for personal information about you provided by other members of your organization or other third parties.  The Subscription Provider is not responsible for security decisions or policies established by any members of your organization that impact the dissemination of information by Best Attendance or third parties.

It is possible for anonymous internet users to determine which organization you belong to if they know your email address.  No other information is shared with anonymous internet users unless you expressly make that information publicly available through the Best Attendance service, except as provided elsewhere in this Policy.

Requesting Sensitive Information

Best Attendance will never ask you for financial account numbers, your social security number, or your password through email.  If you receive an email asking for such information regarding your Best Attendance service, please contact the Subscription Provider immediately.

Best Attendance does provide links for you to pay your bill through Chargify.  No credit card numbers are ever sent through the Best Attendance servers.  The Chargify service that processes your credit card payments is fully PCI compliant.  Please be sure that the address bar on your browser displays a URL from before submitting any credit card information.

Persons Under the Age of 13

The Subscription Provider does not seek or collect personal information from individuals 13 years of age or younger.  Only individuals who are 18 years of age or older may subscribe to the service.

For Subscribers:

It may be necessary for you to allow children under the age of 13 to use the Best Attendance service.  In compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, no child’s personal information is to be shared by the Best Attendance service without prior express consent from the child’s legal parent or guardian.  Please visit for more information about COPPA.  The Best Attendance service will never solicit personal information from individuals under the age of 13.  It is solely your responsibility to ensure that no child’s personal information is entered into the system without the express prior permission of the child’s legal parent or guardian.

Use of Cookies

Best Attendance makes use of cookies to store session information while you are logged in to the service.  This is required for the service to operate.  Cookies are deleted every time you close your web browser.

Government Requests for Personal Information

The Subscription Provider will release personal information submitted through the Best Attendance service if it is necessary to satisfy a law or enforceable government request.  This agreement is governed by Minnesota and Federal laws of the United States of America.

The Best Attendance service is owned and operated by Best Attendance, a sole proprietorship at 3824 12th Ave S #2, Minneapolis, MN 55407 USA.  Best Attendance may be contacted at mail {a.t.} bestattendance {d.o.t.} com or by phone at 763-412-1698.