Just look at our blog, Facebook page, and Twitter feed, and you’ll notice that the Best Attendance of today is not the same one that launched three years ago; not even close.

When we started, we had no mobile app, no group texting, no recruiting drives, no member search, no email attachments, and a much more clumsy user experience than we have today. This was exactly our plan all along: to continuously improve the product. And it still is! We have lots and lots of cool stuff queued up for this year.

The entire time, our standard price has remained at an industry-low $22 per month, while the value that Best Attendance delivers has soared beyond that. Our goal is to keep improving the product so that more local nonprofits can continue to strengthen local communities. This of course requires some significant investment.

For these two reasons, we are introducing a modest price increase of our basic plan (the first one in three years) to $29 per month. If you already have a subscription, your price will not change. This price applies only to trials started after March 1st, 2014.

Our history indicates that we’ve been able to increase the value of our software over time, and this move ensures that we will continue to do so in the future!



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