Recruiting: Tracking Goals and Accountability

This is number five of a series of eight messages covering proven ideas and techniques that, when put into practice, will help grow and strengthen any type of organization. The topics covered thus far have been:


  1. Membership Retention
  2. Recruiting Members
  3. Recruiting Volunteers
  4. How To Keep New Members Coming Back


Hopefully you’ve picked up a few helpful points and are starting to see some results. Our subscribers find it very gratifying to see good members stay with them, new members continuing to come on board, great volunteers joining their efforts, and those new members coming back for every meeting. Those four keys are essential to the ongoing life and vitality of your organization.


You cannot afford to let up in any one of those areas, if you’re going to build the kind of organization that becomes a legacy, the kind that you can be proud of being a part of. And the best way to help assure its success is by tracking your goals and having some form of accountability.


Best Attendance focuses on providing what best supports the needs of non-profit organizations—in terms of growth and stability. Besides these free articles that share tested and well-proven ideas that have been learned from experience, Best Attendance also provides the kind of online tools that every organization can put to use immediately.


It’s all results oriented, very user friendly, up to date, and extremely practical. If you aren’t making use of our member recruiting tracking software, your goals are less likely to be met today, or any other time (with any consistency). Because tracking goals, in and of itself, is a mild form of accountability—the only kind that works with non-profit organizations—it’s an invaluable tool that everyone using it raves about.


It makes all the important tasks related to growth and stability much easier and more efficient; including statistics on recruiting both members and volunteers, details on follow-up calls, noting new member concerns, and other customized features that may be added.


You can use the secure online membership roster for quick and easy access to member contact information for handling important matters such as; making phone calls, noting anything that needs to be followed up on, and sending bulk messages (text or email).


Take a few minutes to experience for yourself how our online services can assist you with the details that make a real impact on your organization—recruiting new members continually, and retaining them once on board. It’s a free trial, so it cost you nothing to see firsthand how it can benefit you and your organization. And when you see what it can do for you, you’ll find that the cost is insignificant.


Each of these messages are designed to build upon each other, so you should find the next one to be most beneficial as we discuss how to craft attendance policies that incentivize members to be active participants, not simply show up for meetings.

Recruiting Volunteers

This post is part of our series: The Ultimate Online Guide to Recruiting Volunteers.

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