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  • Take Attendance

    Take Attendance

    Scan barcodes, print sign-in sheets, or let members log in on the computer.

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    Send email and 300 free texts per month to your entire organization.

  • Share Event Calendars

    Share Event Calendars

    Keep members and staff informed of upcoming meetings and activities.

  • Update Your Membership Roster

    Update Your Membership Roster

    View and print detailed membership rosters for specific groups or your entire organization.

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  • We are ready to subscribe! Great program and great service… can’t be beat!

    Ronnie Reid, Pastor of Worship, Fayetteville First Baptist

  • Thank you so much for such a simple yet effective program that the kids use themselves.

    Michael Mingar, Classroom teacher

  • I love your software and like the new enhancements. Best Attendance gets my full recommendation.

    Capt. Jay Sliwinsky, Commander, St. Croix Squadron, Civil Air Patrol

  • Marking each member absent, present, or excused is perfect.

    Jim Carey, President, Tri Cities Business Connection

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Best Attendance helps you be awesome at coaching your team.

Young hockey players

As you know, working with kids is a lot of fun. Well, mostly. Have you ever had to do any of this?

Cancel a game at the last minute and make sure everyone's parents know about it?

Make a list of who's ineligible for games because they've been skipping practice?

Try to remember where you put the phone number for a player's parent?

Keep a book of notes for each player to track their improvement throughout a season?

This is the boring stuff. The paperwork. And it's not our favorite part of our jobs. Best Attendance was written by someone with over fifteen years of experience leading youth organizations specifically to solve these problems. It is quite simply the easiest way to share event calendars, track attendance, and update membership rosters online.

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