Best Attendance

Sunday School Attendance Software

Easy online software for Sunday School

Best Attendance has been helping Sunday School leaders run their classes since 2003.  Here are some of the ways the software helps teachers:

Make sure no students fall through the cracks.
Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the middle students: those who don’t stand out as exceptional but are also not at risk of failing.  Best Attendance helps youth leaders identify this group of students and follow up with them.

Reward students for good attendance.
Gone are the days of taking attendance on paper and spending hours at the end of the year figuring out who had the best attendance. Easy to read online reports give you detailed attendance information instead.

Hold students accountable.
Different youth groups have different attendance policies.  For example, some churches require students to attend 75% of weekly meetings in order for them to be eligible for other fun activities.   Best Attendance makes it easy to find out who meets your policies and who doesn’t.

Keep members informed.
Students can see your event calendar online, and you may email everyone in the group so that everyone always has up-to-date information about what your group is doing.

Improve communications with parents.
Can’t remember a particular parent’s name?  Never have this problem again; Best Attendance includes a comprehensive database so you’ll never forget details like this again.  You can also see upcoming birthdays at a glance.