Take Attendance 32% Faster

We’ve just finished a major performance overhaul of the software, shaving a full second off of the load time of all pages and boosting the performance of Best Attendance by 32%. We completed two rounds of optimizations. The following chart shows the load time in seconds of various pages before optimizations and after each round of optimizations.


As you can see, we’ve made some significant improvements, and we have plans to make more improvements in the near future. We think we’ll be able to double the performance improvements that we just made. Our philosophy is that of continuous improvement. Subscribers who have been with us from the start have seen the service evolve over time, and we plan to roll out even more cool features that you’ll love in the coming months.

We know that speed is important and performance is a feature, especially if you have a long line of kids waiting to sign in. Best Attendance aims to make that process as enjoyable as possible!

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