Take Attendance with your iPad

I’ve received many questions from organizations that would like to use their iPads to take attendance.  To me, this makes perfect sense:

  • You can take your iPad anywhere, so taking attendance at offsite events is easy.
  • More than one person in your organization can have an iPad, giving each person access to your membership and attendance data.
  • iPads include a full screen browers, making web apps feel like first class citizens.
  • iPads are fun!


Best Attendance works great on a variety of platforms, including iPads.  You can take attendance on your iPad, look at reports back at the office on your Mac, and write notes on your PC at home.  This is one reason that I decided to move Best Attendance to the web in 2011 rather than maintaining the older Windows version.

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Best Attendance is the easiest way for organizations to share event calendars, take attendance, update membership rosters, and communicate online. Try it free for 45 days.

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