The Napkin Conference

I’m proud to announce that Best Attendance will be an official sponsor of the Napkin Conference.  This is a semi-regular gathering of leaders in Children’s and Youth Ministry.  I really like the philosophy behind the conference, which is all about great things starting with simple ideas (so simple you can put them on a napkin!)  This philosophy follows the same line of thinking that we have used since launching our first application in 2003.

Napkin Conference

They’ll have a great lineup of speakers focusing on topics from structuring your ministry for growth to collaboration.  There will also be panel discussions and curriculum development workshops.  There’s even a Genius Bar! (but I don’t think they’ll fix your laptop).


The Napkin Conference takes place February 23-34 at The Church at South Las Vegas (yes, that’s the actual name of the church – cool, huh?)  If you’re interested in learning more about the Napkin Conference, take a look at their website today.


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