Best Attendance helps you be awesome at running your organization.

  • Take Attendance Take Attendance

    Let students sign in on the computer or print sign-in forms for your meetings.

  • Share Event Calendars Share Event Calendars

    Share your event calendars online, or keep them private so only authorized users can see them.

  • Update Membership Rosters Update Membership Rosters

    Store detailed information about each member, and print membership rosters for particular groups or your entire organization.

  • Required Events Required Events

    Designate which groups are required to attend each event.

  • Communicate Communicate

    Send emails to individual members, particular groups, or your entire organization.

  • Adult Staff Accounts Adult Staff Accounts

    Allow group leaders to schedule events, record attendance, and add students to groups they are members of.

  • Organize Members Organize Members

    Create unlimited groups for your organization. Assign members to multiple groups, and transfer members between groups.

  • Customize Attendance Reports Customize Attendance Reports

    Best Attendance provides five different views of your attendance data so you can identify members at risk of falling through the cracks, attendance trends, and more.

  • Keep Your Data Secure Keep Your Data Secure

    All data is carried over a secure 256 bit SSL encrypted connection. Best Attendance uses industry best practices to ensure your data stays safe.