Automatic Promotions

Promote Students to the Next Grade Level Each Year.

Our Automatic Promotions module lets you easily promote each of your students to the next grade level at the end of the year and automatically archive the attendance and membership records of your graduating students. Here’s how it works:

Grade Promotions

At the end of the year, rearrange the groups you’ve set up so that they are in the correct order in which members should be promoted. Then, choose what you’d like to happen to members in the top group. Most commonly, you’ll want them to become inactive so that you can keep their historical records but not have them count against the member limit for your organization.

The ability to automatically mark members inactive is useful not only to organization with students who graduate each year, but also to organizations who have volunteers who come and go. When a volunteer decides to leave your organization, marking volunteers inactive in ther Member Profile will allow you to keep their records without having them count against your account’s member limit.

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