Send Group Texts And Free Emails

Send texts and emails to individual members, an entire group, or your whole organization. You may send an unlimited number of emails with your account.

300 Free Text Messages Per Month.

With a paid account, you can send 300 free text messages per month. Each additional message is only two cents.

Text Reply Forwarding.

When a member replies to one of your texts, Best Attendance will instantly forward the reply back to your phone. These replies do NOT count against your 300 free monthly messages.

Keep Your Members Informed.

The following types of communication can give your members a greater sense of belonging:

  • Send emails to members who were absent from your last meeting letting them know what they missed.
  • Send text messages the day before a special event as a reminder.
  • Have a supervisor make a special call to members who haven’t shown up in a while, letting them know they’ve been missed (Best Attendance has a great report showing you the last time each member was seen).
  • Send a card on a member’s birthday (Best Attendance has a birthday report too!)
  • Send an email to volunteers thanking them for their time.
  • Deliver a monthly newsletter through the mail (Best Attendance can print the mailing labels for you.)

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