Mobile Attendance App

For Leaders On The Go

Looking for a way to track attendance on the go? Our mobile attendance tracking app is perfect when you don’t have a computer nearby, or if you don’t have a internet connection where you meet, for example:

  1. You meet in a building that has no or spotty wireless internet access.
  2. You’re taking your youth group on a field trip and won’t have a computer with you.
  3. You’re running an event from multiple locations, and you can’t set up a computer at each one.
  4. You hold your football practice outdoors.
  5. You’re doing an outdoor activity with your youth group or sports team.
  6. Your group is attending an off-site conference.
  7. Any situation where you need to take attendance, but aren’t sitting in front of a computer.

Mobile Attendance App

How to use the mobile app

Our attendance tracking app works on any smartphone or tablet in a regular browser window, and your Best Attendance account includes unlimited access to our mobile site (even free trial accounts!).

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Sign up for a free 45 day trial of Best Attendance, or log on to your account. You should do this on a full-size computer.
  2. From a browser on your smartphone (such as Chrome or Safari Mobile), go to and click the Sign In To Mobile button.
  3. And that’s it!

What does it do?

What’s really cool is that our mobile app is connected to the same system as our full-size site. That means that any data you’ve already entered into Best Attendance will already be available when you open the mobile app on your phone. And, of course, any attendance marks that you make with your phone will be reflected in all of the reports on the full site as well.

Specifically, you’ll be able to: view membership rosters, update member profiles, view individual attendance reports, schedule events, view your event calendar. Oh, yeah. And you can take attendance (almost forgot).

What does it NOT do?

Because screens on mobile devices are obviously smaller than laptop and desktop computer screens, we deliberately left some things out to avoid clutter and improve usability.

Here’s a partial list of some of the things we left out:

  1. Advanced attendance reports
  2. Activity feed and dashboard
  3. Member birthdays report
  4. Recruiting drive management
  5. Bulk texting and emailing (but you can send texts and emails to one member at a time from the mobile app)
  6. Automatic end-of-year grade level promotions
  7. Creating staff accounts and managing security roles
  8. Viewing location maps

But – not to worry – even though these features were left out of the mobile app, all of them are still available on the full site (and remember, the two systems are connected by the same back end, so any changes you make on one will be reflected in the other).

If you absolutely *need* any of these features while on your phone, you can easily switch back to the full version of the site at any time.

What About Security?

User Permissions
First, if you currently allow your students or staff members to log in to your organization’s full site, they will be able to log in to the mobile site as well. The permissions you’ve given them will be enforced the same way on the mobile site as they are on the full site. For example, members may view their own profile but not others. Only administrators and group leaders may record attendance. No one can do anything on the mobile site that they aren’t allowed to do on the full site.

Data Encryption
Our servers are configured to accept data ONLY over a secure, encrypted connection. All traffic is sent over SSL. Sensitive information such as passwords are encrypted in our database, and not even our own programmers have access to them.

Our main data center is in Dallas. We perform a full backup of our entire database every night and send the backup to our secondary Amazon data center, over an encrypted connection, on the East Coast.

Improve accountability, recruiting, and retention with Best Attendance

Our mobile app is just the latest in a line of products and services designed to fulfill our mission of building vibrant communities by strengthening local organizations. If you haven’t yet seen them, here are some other resource we’ve developed that you might be interested in:

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We hope that our mobile app makes your job easier and makes your organization stronger! Just follow the steps above to try it free today!

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