Required Events

Designate which groups are required to attend each event.

It is possible to schedule events for particular groups, multiple groups, or your entire organization. For example, each grade level could maintain their own event calendar, and you could have a different event calendar for events that all groups are invited to.

Attendance reports calculate percentages individually for each member based on which events each member was required to attend.

Analyze student activity with event types.

Best Attendance lets you set up categories for your events. These categories are called Event Types. You may want set up Staff Meetings and Bible Study as two different event types, for example. Some organizations have a requirement that students attend a certain number of regular meetings in order to be eligible to attend fun activities. Setting up event types makes it easy for you to implement policies such as these.


View location maps.

Integrate your events with Google Maps so members will know exactly where to meet.


Create Recurring Events.

Create events that recur on a variety of weekly or monthly schedules. Easily add or remove individual events within the series.

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