Run Recruiting Drives

View Recent Guests.

Recruiting is built in to the core of Best Attendance. When you enter a new guest, Best Attendance will allow you to enter the name of the member who recruited the guest. This added accountability helps your organization meet its recruiting goals.

Recent Guests Report

Track Top Recruiters.

The system automatically tracks how many guests each member has recruited. The Top Recruiters Report can be filtered by date range and group so that you can give out Top Recruiter awards at the end of the year.

Top Recruiters

Analyze Recruiting Trends.

The Recruiting Trends report helps you analyze seasonal and yearly trends in recruiting, and lets you see at a glance how successful your organization has been as a whole in attracting new guests over the past year.

Analyze Recruiting Trends

Follow Up with Guests.

Easily follow up with recent guests by phone, email, or text. The system will keep a record of your follow up efforts with each guest, increasing the chances that they’ll come back again.

Follow Up with Guests


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