Take Attendance

Best Attendance provides four ways of taking attendance at a meeting:

  1. Scan barcodes from membership cards directly into the computer.
  2. Print sign-in forms for your meetings and enter the attendance later.
  3. Set up a computer at your meeting location and let members sign themselves in.
  4. Allow adult group leaders to sign in and take attendance online.

Take a look at our Online Event Sign-In Guide for a list list of all of our check-in options.

Track attendance online.

You can mark members absent, present, or excused.  Excused attendance marks do not count against the member on attendance reports.

You can schedule events just for particular groups (for example, 7th grade only) or for multiple groups.  The attendance list contains the names of all members in the groups that you choose.

View sign in / sign out times.

Improve security, manage your liabilities, and improve student accountability by tracking sign in / sign out times.

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