Update Membership Rosters

Store detailed information about each member:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone numbers
  • Mailing address


Set options in member profiles.

Member profiles are only shared with people who you authorize to view them. Group leaders may only view and edit the profiles of members in their own groups. You may also designate Administrators, who have access to everyone’s profile.

You can give members passwords so they can log in to the system. This way, your event calendar is available to your members, but not anyone else online.

Members can be marked inactive. Attendance is not recorded for inactive members, and they may not log in to the system, but their historical attendance data is retained.


Upload and link to member photos.

Upload member photos from your computer, or link to any member’s public Facebook profile picture.

Print mailing labels.

Print mailing labels in a variety of Avery formats.



Update member barcodes.

Take attendance and track sign in / sign out times by allowing members to scan barcodes. Most of the time, students can use the school identification cards that they already have. Learn more about scanning barcodes with our barcode itegration guide.



Make setup simple by importing your contact list from other software.

Save time and reduce typographical errors when setting up your organization by importing your contact list from other software.  All membership data can be imported from Microsoft Excel or any other software which supports CSV exports.


Import Your Contact List

Add Custom Fields

We don’t pretend to know which information you need to track about your members, so we let you decide. Create as many custom fields as you’d like, and Best Attendance will generate reports showing you any combination of information that you need. See how organizations are using custom reporting to help them make decisions.


Next Feature: Customize Attendance Reports