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In addition to linking student profiles to their Facebook pages, you can now upload photos from your computer. This has been a frequently requested feature from children’s ministry leaders, whose students are too young to have Facebook accounts. This feature is worthy of its own blog entry mainly because it’s just cool, but also because some group leaders are rightly concerned about student privacy online.

Student privacy and safety is our top priority, and I’d like to take some time to explain what steps we’ve taken to make sure that only authorized users have access to student information, including their photos.

The first thing to know is that when you decide to link a member profile to their Facebook picture, Best Attendance will only display pictures that the member has marked as public in their Facebook profile. In fact, it’s impossible for Best Attendance to access private Facebook photos.

If you’ve linked a member profile to their Facebook picture and also uploaded a photo of the member, Best Attendance will always display the uploaded photo instead of the Facebook photo. We plan on providing the option to choose which photo you’d like displayed in the future.

Member photos are only visible to properly logged in users who belong to the same organization as the member whose photo is being requested. Member photos are not accessible from the public internet. Direct links to member photos will not work unless the user is logged on to Best Attendance and belongs to the same organization as the member.

There is one exception to the above rule. In order to improve performance, member photos are stored as temporary internet files on your computer. If you do not clear these files, someone who uses the same computer as you might be able to see your member’s photos even after you log off (assuming they’re tech savvy and know how). To ensure that no one else sees your member photos, be sure to log off and clear the browser cache when you are using public computers.

One final note: please remember that our terms of service and the U.S Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act require you to obtain prior express consent from a child’s parent or legal guardian before storing personal information of children under 13 years old in Best Attendance. This remains true even though student data is accessible only to logged in users who you authorize.

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