Visualizing Attendance Data, Part 1

You’re probably using Best Attendance because you want to keep track of attendance at your youth ministry, boy scout troop, fitness studio, community theater, or other organization.  That’s wonderful.  But what exactly does that mean?

Presumably it means that you’d like to know how often Little Johnny has been coming to meetings.  Great!  Best Attendance gives you a pretty looking report that shows exactly that:

Online Attendance Report

But it could also mean any number of other things:

  • What percentage of our members are active?
  • When is the last time we’ve seen Little Jonny?
  • Is participation increasing or decreasing?
  • How many parent nights did we hold last year?
  • Who is going on the field trips but skipping the staff meetings?
  • Which group is more active: seventh graders or eighth graders?

When developing Best Attendance, I quickly discovered that a simple pie chart is insufficient for answering these questions, that there are lots and lots of ways to display and interpret attendance data depending on what you’d like to know.

Best Attendance provides some very powerful reporting and analysis tools that let you go beyond simply printing attendance reports, but instead gaining real insight into the health of your organization.  In the upcoming series of blog posts, I’ll explain some of these capabilities and show how you can use them to become even more awesome at running your organization.

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