Visualizing Attendance Data, Part 2

In the last post, I listed a few different ways that attendance data can be analyzed and interpreted, and what that information can tell you about your organization.

Perhaps one of the most important things to find out is who hasn’t shown up in a while.  The Last Seen report lists all of your members, along with the date of the most recent event they attended.  It can be sorted by name or date by clicking the column headers at the top of the table:

Last Seen Report

How can I make sure my members stay engaged?

Using this report is how you can make sure that none of your members are falling through the cracks.  In the Civil Air Patrol squadron that I ran, we had a designated student whose job it was to make weekly “flight calls” to all members.  A flight call was a one minute conversation telling the member what we’d be doing next week and how they can prepare for the meeting.  It was also a one-on-one check-in to see if the member had any concerns.  This, more than almost anything else, is how we retained members and kept attendance up.

Even if you don’t call every member weekly, a personal check-in and invitation to come back can go miles in helping that member.  Use the Last Seen report to find out who you might want to pay special attention to.

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