Visualizing Attendance Data, Part 3

We have trend lines!

Is participation at your meetings going up or down?  There’s a chart for that!

The chart shows how many members were absent, present, and excused at each event.  The utility of this information should be obvious.  What’s really useful, though, is the fact that you can filter this report by date, group, or event type.

Events List Report

How Many Parent Nights Did We Hold Last Year?

You can answer questions such as these by filtering this report by both date and event type.  Set the date filters from January 1st to December 31st of last year, and just check the Parent Nights box under Event Types.  The graph you’ll see will show how many Parent Nights you held last year, and how many people were at each one, and whether attendance at Parent Nights is going up or down.

Of course, you can do this for any combination of dates and event types.  In fact, you can break this down even further by adding Groups to your filter.  This lets you find out how many parent nights the seventh graders had last year, compared to the number of parent nights the eighth graders had.

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