Welcome Adam Hess

We’re pleaed to announce a new member to our development team. Adam Hess is starting this month as a web developer and has already been instrumental in rolling out several enhancements and features, including: mailing labels, locations, and important user interface changes.

Adam is completing an internship in Computer Science at St. Paul College and will be with us until October. He holds a B.S. in Biology from the University of Minnesota – Duluth. He enjoys long walks on the beach. Not really.

Adam Hess

We’re very excited to have additional development bandwidth because of all of the cool new features we’re planning to roll out this summer. We’ll announce each as they are released on this blog.

If you’ve been with us since we launched our web application in January 2011, you know that our philosophy is that of continual improvement. We started as a minimum viable product for youth ministry leaders and have evolved into a very solid platform for a variety of organizations. We’re confident that the features we have planned for the summer will make us an industry leader.

Our goal is to build stronger local communities by helping volunteer and service organizations build and grow their memberships. Best Attendance started as a small program for a local Civil Air Patrol squadron, and we’re thrilled that we can be helping so many other volunteers across the country. Since our goal is to help volunteer organizations, we always have open ears for sugestions about the software; just visit our Contact page.

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