We’ve Been Busy!

I mentioned back in June that we were bringing on a new developer for the summer.  We’ve gotten so much done, it’s hard to know where to start, but here are the highlights of what we’ve accomplished in the last couple of months:

Print Mailing Labels

Properly permissioned users can print mailing labels in a variety of Avery formats from the Membership Roster page.

View Location Maps for Events

We now have integrated Google Maps so that your members can see exactly where to go for meetings and other events.

Big Humungous Recruiting Module (Guest Tracking!)

This is the one we’re most excited about.  Organizations can now track guests in addition to regular members.  We’ve provided an easy way to follow up with recent guests either with an email, text message, or phone call, and for you to record the follow-up efforts you’ve made with each guest.

Another cool thing is that this module keeps track of who recruited each new guest, so you can see who your top recruiters are for any time period.  This is a great way to run recruiting drives.  We’re unaware of any other software on the market that makes recruiting drives so easy to run.

Improved Barcode Support

Our goal was to make barcode scanning so simple, intuitive, and delightful to use that we did not cause anyone’s hair to turn gray.  And if I may say so, I think we succeeded.  It works like this: wherever you see the word “scan barcode”, you scan the barcode.  Easy, huh?

Graphical Sign In / Out Times Report

We’ve always tracked sign in and (optionally) sign out times for members, but now there’s a shiny new graph that makes it easy to visualize when each of your members were present.  For organizations concerned about improving security and limiting liability, this is a huge step forward.

Global Member Search

There’s a cool new search bar at the top of the screen that autocompletes as you start typing a member’s name.  No more scrolling through a list of names to see a member’s profile – just type their name and you’re done.

Improved Take Attendance Page

In the past, there were some weird edge cases that were technically possible but very difficult to figure out.  Things like this:

  • Adding attendance for a new member after an event has already taken place
  • Signing people back in after they have accidentally signed out
  • Adding new members to events during a meeting

Like I said, doing these things was – well, not easy.  Now, you don’t even have to think about them.

Reduced Ugliness Factor

We’ve done some general cleanup of our user interface, and we think it’s slightly more delightful to use now.  Looks do matter.

Other Stuff

  • Added printable views to several pages and reports.
  • Reduced and reworded error messages.
  • Made navigation more intuitive, so the system goes to pages you expect it to go to.
Recruiting Drive

On The Business Side

We’ve seen an explosive growth in new account signups over the summer, which is awesome.  The reason I began writing this software is because I needed to track attendance and recruiting for my Civil Air Patrol squadron, and there was literally nothing on the market that met my needs.  That’s why.

Then I realized that there must be other volunteer, religious, and nonprofit organizations in the same situation as me, who could also benefit.  Helping organizations that do good work in our local communities sort of became my calling.  Writing attendance software does not change the world, but if it makes people’s jobs easier, I’m happy.  If this software allows volunteer organizations recruit and retain more members, if it helps volunteers be part of something bigger than themselves, if it plays even a small part in strengthening local communities, well, that’s pretty cool, I think.

There are more mountains to climb – we’ve received lots of feedback on features that would make this software even more awesome – and we’re not stopping now.  Look out for even more improvements over the next couple of months, and please let us know if there’s anything new you’d like to see.

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