What benefits does Best Attendance provide youth ministries?

I wrote this software because I needed a way to track attendance for my own youth group. Everything on the market was too big, complicated, and expensive for us, so I tried using Microsoft Excel. I quickly discovered that this wasn’t a good solution either, so I decided to write my own.

Take attendance online

Basically, this software is a response to the complicated software already on the market that costs too much and has features that I knew I didn’t need. That’s was Best Attendance is great for – an easy, affordable way to track attendance, and nothing else.

The software has been very popular among groups like mine; I know that many youth ministries are already using it and are seeing the same benefits that my youth group sees.

To see for yourself, sign up for a free account today!

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Take Attendance Online

Best Attendance is the easiest way for organizations to share event calendars, take attendance, update membership rosters, and communicate online. Try it free for 45 days.

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