Your Data: Safe in the Cloud

The growth that Best Attendance has experienced over the past year has allowed us to make additional investments in our technology infrastructure. Our most recent effort has been an upgrade to our daily backup strategy.

Since the beginning, we have always made nightly backups of our database, but our recent Upload Member Photo feature has made it necessary to back up these photos as well as our database, and to make sure that both are done in a secure manner.

So today, we’re announcing that we have moved our backup data center to Amazon S3. That’s right – we’re in the cloud. Here’s what happens:

Happy Cloud

Every night, a snapshot is taken of the live database and is compressed into a single file. All of the uploaded photos are similarly compressed and stored in a single archive file. These compressed files are sent over a secure connection from our primary data center in California to Amazon’s backup servers on the East Coast. There, they are encrypted again and locked behind several security gateways.

Several web-based services went down after Hurricane Sandy took out the power grid to data centers in New York. This is a perfect example of why we’re keeping one copy of your data on each coast. If both data centers go down at the same time, we all probably have bigger problems to worry about.

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