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  • Take Attendance

    Take Attendance

    Scan barcodes, print sign-in sheets, or let members log in on the computer.

  • Communicate


    Send email and 300 free texts per month to your entire organization.

  • Share Event Calendars

    Share Event Calendars

    Keep members and staff informed of upcoming meetings and activities.

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    Update Your Membership Roster

    View and print detailed membership rosters for specific groups or your entire organization.

What Our Customers Say!

  • We are ready to subscribe! Great program and great service… can’t be beat!

    Ronnie Reid, Pastor of Worship, Fayetteville First Baptist

  • Thank you so much for such a simple yet effective program that the kids use themselves.

    Michael Mingar, Classroom teacher

  • I love your software and like the new enhancements. Best Attendance gets my full recommendation.

    Capt. Jay Sliwinsky, Commander, St. Croix Squadron, Civil Air Patrol

  • Marking each member absent, present, or excused is perfect.

    Jim Carey, President, Tri Cities Business Connection

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World class attendance tracking.

The software provides several ways of taking attendance:

  1. Use a barcode scanner to sign students in.
  2. Use a touchscreen device such as an iPad to have members sign themselves in.
  3. Print a customized sign-in sheet and enter the data later.
  4. Have your students sign in on a laptop or desktop computer.

All of these options means that you can literally take attendance anywhere, including on mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones. If you have multiple classrooms, you can even let people sign in from more than one location at a time. The best part is that the only thing required is a computer with an internet connection.

Take Attendance
Send Group Texts

Stay in touch with group texts and emails.

Your subscription includes 300 free text messages every month (just two cents per message after that). You can send text blasts to groups that you set up, individual members, or your entire organization at once. Many organizations use this feature to send monthly newsletters or weekly updates to their students.


Improve student accountability.

The real reason to use Best Attendance is to make sure that your ministry is reaching each and every student. Our powerful analytics make sure that you're doing so. Our built-in and customizable reports will help you answer questions such as these:

  1. When was the last time a particular student showed up?
  2. Who has been attending the fun activities but skipping the staff meetings?
  3. Who has a birthday this month?
  4. Is our overall attendance going up or down?
  5. Do 7th graders have better attendance or 8th graders?
  6. Who had the best attendance record in the last year?

We provide four different views of your attendance data, including: individual attendance details, attendance summary by member, attendance summary by event, and a last seen report. Reports are enhanced by visually stunning charts.

Attendance Report
Event Calendar

Share your event calendar.

Keep your students and staff informed by sharing your event calendar and linking to it from your website. Of course, if you'd like to keep it private, that's fine too. In that case, only users you authorize will be able to see it.


Track member details.

Just fill in the fields or create your own. Keep contact and birthday information about each member, as well as information about their parents. Link to member's Facebook and Twitter accounts. There's even a place for you to store notes on each member which are only visible to adult group leaders and that the member will never see. If that's not enough, you can create as many custom fields as you'd like to track whatever information is most important to you.

Membership Roster

Delegate responsibility.

Best Attendance has an advanced role-based security system which lets you authorize other people to sign in. You may create accounts for adult group leaders, who may update information for any member within their own groups. It's also possible to set up passwords for members, who have limited access to the system so they can view their profiles and event schedules.

Student privacy is our top priority.

Best Attendance is being used by over 200 organizations worldwide. All sensitive data is cryptographically encrypted and backed up daily. All traffic is encrypted over SSL, ensuring that no one can see it but you.


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