Benefits of Volunteering

For thousands of years, scientists and researchers have documented the power of volunteering. Studies in more recent years have taken this research even further in finding new ways that volunteering benefits both individuals as well as larger systemic work forces. What hasn’t seemed to change is the idea that the benefits connected to volunteering go well beyond just doing a good deed. Instead, volunteering can be life changing for a myriad of reasons!


Studies have found that volunteering can be a great way to stay healthy, increase your skillsets, build experience, increase your passion and love of something, get exercise, spend time outside, or switch up a routine, which even for those of us who swear by their routine, can be a good thing sometimes! This is where the mutual benefits of volunteering comes in: while the time and skills you bring to your volunteering can greatly increase the resources of an organization, or fill-in gaps that a non-profit is experiencing due to budget cuts, or offer a hand planning events at an understaffed school, you are also bulking up your resume, learning new skills and gaining new experience. But the benefits don’t stop at these practical pluses.


Volunteering has been found to decrease the likelihood of depression, instill increased feelings of confidence and purpose, bring lower rates of stress and heart disease, and offer a fantastic way to grow one’s community by meeting new people. How can you beat that?


Whether you’re retired, considering a career change, or looking to do something different with your free time, volunteering is an excellent choice for your next step. With increasing volunteer opportunities out there in a range of industries, you’re sure to find something both productive and inspiring, and those around you will take notice – whether family and friends or prospective employers. With the global community’s growing reliance on enthusiastic, dedicated and hard working people offering their time and skills for the betterment of a cause or organization, the possibilities connected to volunteering seem endless and only have but one way to bend: to opening doors!
It’s a win-win for everyone!

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