Free Attendance Software for Youth Ministry Bloggers

Free Subscription Program

This week, I started a program to give away free subscriptions to youth ministry bloggers. If you’re a blogger and want to try it out, you can sign up for the program in about 30 seconds.


Customers truly are my number one source of ideas for improvements to the program. One of my main goals is to keep the program versatile so you don’t have to change the way you manage your organization. The reason I want you to try Best Attendance for free so so I can get some honest feedback on what else you’d like the software to do. Of course, it would be lovely if you wrote up an honest review in your blog after you’ve had a chance to evaluate it!

If you’re interested in reviewing the software, sign up for a free subscription!

Free subscriptions are subject to approval and are only available to bloggers willing to publish an honest review of the software.

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Take Attendance Online

Best Attendance is the easiest way for organizations to share event calendars, take attendance, update membership rosters, and communicate online. Try it free for 45 days.

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