Student Loyalty Programs

Student Loyalty Program

Best Attendance launched its web-based product in 2011 with the goal of providing web-based administrative tools to leaders of nonprofits. Nearly four years later, we have launched our second product: Student Loyalty Programs.

Customers are using Best Attendance in all kinds of ways beyond what I originally imagined when it went live. The fact is, when it comes to check-in and attendance reporting, there is no better software on the market. In various niches, there may be other large software products (such as Church Database, Membership Management, or Group Communication) with a check-in module built in. But Best Attendance was build entirely around check-in and attendance. For us, it’s not just one more little feature on a long list. It’s the core of what we do.

This core check-in and attendance reporting functionality has a wide range of uses, and one of those is for loyalty programs. Our latest Student Loyalty Program product adds a live, public, online leaderboard to our core check-in functionality. Here’s how it works:

Students sign in to athletic home games and accumulate points. They scan a QR code to open the online leaderboard, where they can view their standings and point totals. Finally, top-earning students earn prizes from the University as an incentive for their attendance.

If you’re using Best Attendance in a unique or unusual way, I’d love to hear from you!

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